Pest & Termite Control Services

BED BUGS: We offer bed bug solutions for your home and business. Find more information about bed bug detection, removal and treatment services at Bed Bug Central. Learn more about our residential bed bug services and commercial bed bug services.

BEE & WASP MANAGEMENT: Our pest experts can treat any bee or wasp nest around your home or business. It is necessary to let the nest sit 3-5 days after treatment to prevent worker bees from rebuilding. *Please note, we cannot treat Honey Bees because they are a protected species.

CARPENTER ANT MANAGEMENT: Carpenter ants are not a seasonal bug, but can strike any time. They can destroy any wooded areas in your home or business, eventually causing serious structural damage and unsafe living conditions. Our pest experts can inspect your home or business for carpenter ant infestation and prescribe appropriate treatments.

FLEA EXTERMINATION: Our pest experts use a combination of chemical and natural treatments to most effectively treat your flea infestation. Before we arrive for treatment, we encourage homeowners to thoroughly vacuum, sweep, mop and remove all debris from floors, as well as wash all household bedding and linens. Our pest experts will administer treatments to all infested areas, both inside and outside your home.

MOSQUITO EXTERMINATION: While it’s impossible to totally eliminate mosquitos in any given area, our pest experts can dramatically reduce their presence around your home. Our professionals will treat nearby areas of standing water, as well as other habitats where mosquitos may reside.

COCKROACH CONTROL: Cockroaches carry a variety of harmful bacteria and can cause many diseases to humans, making them a top priority for extermination. Our pest experts are highly experienced in cockroach extermination, and we use a variety of safe techniques that are effective on roaches and will prevent the pests from returning.

RODENT EXTERMINATION: Our pest experts use the most humane and environmentally friendly treatments to eliminate rodent infestations and deter rodents from returning in the future.

TERMITE CONTROL: Signs of termite infestation and damage can often be hidden until it’s too late. You can determine the presence or threat of termites in your home by contacting our pest experts. We can assess the damage and prescribe proper treatment solutions to eliminate and help prevent further infestations. Our termite control treatments include:

  • New Construction Pretreatments
  • Environmentally Safe Baiting System
  • Subterranean Termite Treatment
  • Drywood Termites
  • Wood Destroying Organism Reports
  • Real Estate Inspections

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