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Guidance, protection and expertise for businesses of all industries. That’s what Rest Assured Pest Control offers, no matter the nature of your company. Our treatments safeguard your employees and customers, protect your property from damage, and help your business meet government standards for health inspections.

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Commercial Pest Control Services by Industry:

  • Food Service – Ensure that your business is in line with government standards and that you always pass health inspections with our detection and treatment services. We eliminate flying insects, rodents, termites and more, keeping you legal, and providing your patrons with comfort and peace of mind.
  • Property Management – Whether you operate rental office space, retail space or an industrial facility, our pest experts can help your property management team with any pest management needs that may arise.
  • Food Processing & Industrial Facilities -. We identify the source of pest infestations in order to maintain the integrity of your products. Our pest experts quickly detect and treat any pest control issues and help your facility maintain all government health standards.
  • Hotel/Motel – Pest infestations can be a major concern for this industry, and the most common issue is bed bugs. Our pest experts can provide the necessary treatments and preventative solutions for bed bugs and all pest control issues, ensuring that your guests have a comfortable and clean experience.
  • Rental Properties – The last thing you want to deal with in your rental property is an infestation. Our pest experts can effectively control and prevent any pest issues that may develop within the property premises.
  • Real Estate – Pest inspection is a crucial aspect of buying and selling real estate. We offer Wood-Destroying Insect Reports before you buy a home, and multiple location discounts for realtors.

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