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We’re looking for an administrative assistant/office staff. The right candidate will have excellent customer service skills, an ability to multi-task and be a self starter.High school diploma requiredsome college preferred. Position will be part time (20-25 hours per week) to start, but has the potential to become full time. Competitive salary, flexible schedule and paid leave provided. This is a great opportunity for the right candidate!

The following experience would be a plus:
-Experience in database management
-Billing & Account Receivables
-Customer Service

Please email cover letter and resumes to by August 3, 2014.

Bug bites, ventilation & bed bugs


Lately we’ve been discussing the benefits of bug removal and how to keep them out of your home. If you’re interested in finding out more about these topics, check out the following online resources. For a solution to your pest problems, contact Rest Assured Pest Control at (410) 317-8510.

  • Many people don’t realize how dangerous bug bites are. The Huffington Post explains the damage bug bites can cause.
  • It’s commonly believed that bed bugs are just an irritant and rarely carry disease. The Washington Post explores a new study that suggests bed bugs spread bacteria resistant to drugs.
  • This article offers tips for proper ventilation—follow suit to save energy and diminish the opportunity for insects to want to invade your home.
  • This helpful guide from explains how to prevent all bugs and pests, in multiple areas of your home.

How bug removal can control disease


While very few diseases are actually caused by insects, insects spread many diseases. If you want to create a clean, healthy environment in your home, pest control is necessary. Here are a few reasons that removing bugs will prevent disease from spreading into your home.

Carrier Elimination: Mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, and other insects that wander through your home are infested with bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Bugs have hairy legs and sticky feet that attract contaminants, which insects bring into your home. Getting rid of bugs reduces the risk of spreading disease.

In addition to passively carrying contaminants, some parasitic insects actively spread disease. Mosquitos, for instance, pierce the skin to feed on blood. If the person’s blood has a disease-causing organism then the mosquito will pick it up and transfer that disease to each individual the mosquito bites afterward. Eradicating bugs will reduce your chances contracting diseases from insect bites.

Dust Management: Cockroaches are the most common household pest. They reproduce quickly and carry microbes that are dangerous to humans, causing allergic reactions and asthma. Cockroaches also shed skin and excrement heavily, creating dust in your home that can aggravate your lungs. Complete cockroach removal is essential for maintaining a disease-free home.

While many products are available for bug removal, a professional will be able to properly handle and eradicate all of the bugs from your home in the most thorough and efficient manner. At Rest Assured Pest Control, our pest experts can provide affordable, permanent solutions for all your home pest control needs. For more information or to set up a free home inspection, call us at (410) 317-8510.

How infestations damage your home and your finances

Damage caused by Termites (series)

Between the mortgage, monthly expenses, and any remodeling plans, some homeowners may find that it’s a struggle just to stay within a monthly budget. When unfortunate and unexpected situations occur, homeowners may be forced to spend even more money in order to fix the problem. Termites make their home inside the walls and floors of homes, damaging the structure and stability of the living space and costing homeowners thousands of dollars. Here are a few things you look out for to make sure that your home, and your wallet, is safe from termite damage:

Know the difference between a termite and an ant:

Most homeowners do not know how to distinguish ants from termites. If termites are detected early, an exterminator may be able to eliminate the threat before serious damage is caused to the structure of the home. Recognizing a termite may mean the difference between affordable extermination and thousands of dollars in home repair.

Know your home and its surroundings:

Pay attention to any changes in the walls, baseboards, window sills, and door frames around your home, especially in the summer. Termites always enter homes from the outside first, so it is not uncommon for them to start eating away at the wood around your windows and doors before reaching other parts of the home. Termites may also wander around the inside your home and leave behind pepper-like fecal matter. If you see any of these signs, contact a termite exterminator to get a professional opinion.

If you suspect that your home is infested with termites or have any questions about what you can do to protect your home, contact Rest Assured Pest Control at (410) 317-8510. Our pest experts will work with you to ensure that your home is safe from termite damage

App Spotlight: Bugs for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

iPhone 4 Apps

Knowing how to identify bugs will help your peace of mind, your safety, and will prepare you for your next call to a pest control company. Learning about bugs is also pretty interesting, as they make up such a large and diverse part of the animal kingdom. But how can you learn to identify different bugs without a lot of research and time?

Bugs for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is an app specifically designed to make bug identification fun and easy. This app is packed with high-quality pictures of over 100 kinds of bugs, which you can browse through to learn more. You can also switch it to quiz mode to test your entomological knowledge.

Use the Bugs app to find out what’s been creeping around your house and call Restat (410) 317-8510 to take care of the problem. With over twenty years in the business, our friendly experts know just what to do no matter what kind of bug your iPhone says you have in the garage.