Are Bed Bugs Affecting Your Business?

No matter how clean your facilities appear, bed bugs could still present a problem for your business. Even the most involved cleaning efforts cannot prevent the pesky bed bug from residing in the halls of your establishment.

Most businesses focus on keeping cafeterias and bathrooms clean, and ensuring daily trash removal. But that won’t prevent bed bugs because these aren’t the areas they hang out. Bed bugs like to hide in carpets, clothing, purses, bags and briefcases.

What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs DO NOT carry transmittable diseases.
  • Many people DO NOT experience any reaction to a bite and the bite itself generally does not cause pain.
  • Some people DO experience discomfort from the bite, such as itching or a welt.
  • Some people DO contract a secondary infection, but only as a result of excessively scratching the bite.
  • Some people DO stress over the knowledge that bed bugs are present in their environment.

While the hotel and health care industries are already active in fighting infestations, other businesses are also at risk. Offices and retail settings in all industries should be aware of the issue bed bugs can pose to both employees and customers.

Think You Have a Bed Bug Issue? We Can Help!

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