Bed Bug Central


1.    Bed bugs are only an issue in low-income neighborhoods.

This is one of the most common misconceptions regarding bed bugs. Many people believe that bed bug infestations only happen in homes that are older and not well kept, such as houses in low income neighborhoods. However, the truth is bed bugs feed off human blood and will feed on anyone, regardless of cleanliness or socioeconomic status. Bed Bugs don’t judge!

2.    Bed Bugs carry disease.

Actually, bed bugs cannot transmit any diseases. The only infections that can be associated with bed bugs are the secondary infections which result from scratching bed bug bites.

3.    Any insecticide will kill bed bugs.

Pesticides and other pest treatments are effective against pests, but not always against bed bugs. Some pesticides will kill bed bugs, but only if the bed bug is out in the open and the pesticide is sprayed directly on it. But don’t count on this happening often, since the majority of bed bugs are hiding within infested buildings and will not be within direct contact of the pesticide.

4.    Household bug bombs, meant for flying insects, will also kill bed bugs.

In fact, using bug bombs can make the bed bug infestation worse. A household bug bomb will not effectively kill bed bugs in an infested room. Instead the bug bomb causes bed bugs to scatter to avoid the irritating effects of the spray.

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