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We’re looking for an administrative assistant/office staff. The right candidate will have excellent customer service skills, an ability to multi-task and be a self starter.High school diploma requiredsome college preferred. Position will be part time (20-25 hours per week) to start, but has the potential to become full time. Competitive salary, flexible schedule and paid leave provided. This is a great opportunity for the right candidate!

The following experience would be a plus:
-Experience in database management
-Billing & Account Receivables
-Customer Service

Please email cover letter and resumes to by August 3, 2014.

Summer Special Bed Bug Treatment for Residential Clients

We are pleased to announce this years summer special for all new residential clients. First time customers can receive a free inspection and a new client rate to help treat and clear up bed bugs and other pests. Read more from our recent press release below.

Rest Assured is happy to be able to offer new clients an incentive to get their inspection scheduled to control and ultimately eliminate bed bugs.

“As we move into June, unfortunately we are also headed into bed bug season,” said Doug Black, owner of Rest Assured, a Maryland Pest Control Company. “We want to make sure that people can get in touch right away and get an inspection, and eliminate bed bugs as soon as we know they have them so they can have a safe and healthy summer.”

Rest Assured offers new residential clients:

  • Free inspection to determine the source of the problem, severity of the infestation and next steps to eliminate bed bugs
  • Full extermination service, treat the bed bugs and set up steps to make sure the infestation is controlled and eliminated
  • Summer discount for all new residential clients

“Our goal here is to be the go to guys for people who need Maryland Pest Control this summer. The bed bugs are a health risk, and they are just plain nasty, we will find the source and destroy them,” continued Black.

New clients will receive a prompt and professional inspection from Rest Assured’s trained and certified pest control professionals. All of the services are Entomologist certified so that Rest Assured can ensure that client’s homes and businesses are appropriately treated.

Once the client’s infestation has been diagnosed the agent will develop and implement a plan of action to stop the issue before it spreads so that clients can have happy and safe summer free of Baltimore Bed Bugs.

Read the full press release from PRWEB here

We are happy announce our new guide on how to know if you have bed bugs. This guide covers how to know if you have bugs, how to produce a sample and what next steps are to solve the problem. Read more from our recent press release below.

The only way to be certain if you have bed bugs is to have an actual sample of the bug. There can be many explanations for bites and symptoms. A doctor can only suggest possible explanations such as bed bugs.

The first step in determining if it is bed bugs after concerns have been raised is to look at symptoms. Unlike many bugs that bite at random, bed bug bites tend to be itchy and red and occur in a line as the bugs bite and hop.

There are also other preliminary ways to find an infestation. One common way is to find fecal stains from the bugs. These stains are partially digested blood but will not be red. It tends to be black and will look like a cluster of black droppings and cannot be rubbed off. They will smear if rubbed with a wet rag.

However the only sure way to know is to produce a sample. Here are a couple of ways to get one:

•Visual Inspection: Examine corners and crevices around the mattress and sheets. If nothing is found in these places pull up the mattress and inspect the box spring. Again, look in the crevices and hardest to reach areas. Bed Bugs are notoriously sneaky and will hide in the darkest and most secure place they can during the day while still being close to their host.

•Install Interception Devices: If a visual inspection does not reveal an infestation another way to catch them is to trap them during the night when they are active. Something as simple as sticky two sided tape can be put around the base of the bed and near the sleeping individual. This way when the bugs are active one may be caught to take to an exterminator.

•Encasement: Another option is to encase the mattress in a plastic sheath. The plastic will restrict the movement of the bugs and aid in detection. Encasement won’t stop them reproducing and spreading necessarily, but it is a good preliminary step.

•Contact an Expert: The best option is to contact an expert. A pest control expert will know exactly what to look for and can very quickly enact a treatment plan to stop the bugs before they spread and multiply. Early treatment is critical to stop the bugs from becoming a long term problem.

Ultimately once bed bugs are found, or even if they aren’t found, it’s advisable to seek professional help because an infestation that is not caught quickly can spiral out of control.

Read the full press release from PRWEB here

The Pest Experts Have a New Office!

Our new office space…we’re settling in nicely!

Did you know that we moved? Our new office in coming together nicely. If you need to contact us, our new address is:
Rest Assured Pest Control
1305-A Francis Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21227

Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours.

Our Youngest Staff Member (10 year old Dylan) even has an office!

Did Hurricane Sandy Affect Baltimore’s Rat Population?

Baltimore Flooding

This image is from flood waters during Hurricane Isabel.

According to an article in Bloomberg Business Week, New York City’s rat population survived, and potentially thrived in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The same is true in Baltimore and other cities along the Atlantic coast.

According to the article:

“They’re a jack of all trades when it comes to locomotion,” says Rick Ostfeld of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, N.Y. “They can’t sprint, but they run well; they’re not Michael Phelps, but they’re strong swimmers; and even though they don’t have prehensile tails, they climb well. They do it all.”

Ostfeld notes that rats can easily swim a couple hundred yards. In fact, he says, “one of the ways that rats have dispersed around the world is by jumping off of ships and swimming to shore—the proverbial ‘rats leaving a sinking ship’ is actually based on reality.”

Make sure that your home and family are protected from rodents – and the diseases that they carry – by eliminating any debris or standing water surrounding your house.

Summer Flea Problems Still Around in October

If your pets are itching more than usual this year, they are not alone.  In fact, recent reports estimate a jump in flea cases by as much as 50% over the spring and summer of 2011.  An those fleas could wreak havoc on more than just your pets. If there are fleas and/or ticks in your home, it’s better to tackle the problem sooner rather than later. No matter what pest control company you choose, these preparation tips should help:

Remove all toys, decorative items, pillows, pet food and water dishes, and other items from floors so all areas can be treated.  Also, remove articles from under beds, furniture, and closet floors.

Remove or cover fish tanks and air pumps.  Where fish tanks remain, turn off air pumps before application (remember to turn pump on again after treatment has dried)

Thoroughly vacuum the carpets, baseboards, and furniture (especially under cushions), paying attention to areas where pets rest or sleep.  Research has shown that vacuuming effectively removes flea eggs and adults and aids penetration of the treatment into the carpets.  It is important to vacuum after the treatment as well.

After vacuuming, remove the vacuum cleaner bag (if applicable), seal it in a plastic bag and discard in an outdoor trash container.

Wash, dry clean or destroy all pet bedding.  Thoroughly wash all throw rugs.  Continue weekly as long as you have an active infestation.

Contact us today with any questions about services and treatments available.

Common Misconceptions: How to Get Rid of Ants in your Home

Ants are a ubiquitous worry among homeowners. This video explores common misconceptions about ant removal and suggests effective alternatives for homeowners.


In this video, Mark Govan explains that salt is poor strategy for killing ants. Because ant species vary widely, salt provides inconsistent ant control. Specialized ant control solutions allow homeowners to target their specific home infestation. Therefore, he suggests several useful commercial products for keeping your home ant-free.

Keep your home safe from ants with a green treatment program from Rest Assured Pest Control. We’re happy to use our insect removal expertise to keep your Baltimore home safe from pests. Call (410) 317-8510 to learn how you can earn three free months of service with a one-year agreement

Bugproof your home with these online resources


Whether your home is infested with termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any other pest, our recent blogs will give you some great tips on how to prolong the effectiveness of pest-control services. For more information, check out these great resources from around the web:

For more information, contact Rest Assured Pest Control, Baltimore’s preferred pest control company, at (410) 317-8510