App Spotlight: Bugs for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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Knowing how to identify bugs will help your peace of mind, your safety, and will prepare you for your next call to a pest control company. Learning about bugs is also pretty interesting, as they make up such a large and diverse part of the animal kingdom. But how can you learn to identify different bugs without a lot of research and time?

Bugs for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is an app specifically designed to make bug identification fun and easy. This app is packed with high-quality pictures of over 100 kinds of bugs, which you can browse through to learn more. You can also switch it to quiz mode to test your entomological knowledge.

Use the Bugs app to find out what’s been creeping around your house and call Restat (410) 317-8510 to take care of the problem. With over twenty years in the business, our friendly experts know just what to do no matter what kind of bug your iPhone says you have in the garage.