Bug bites, ventilation & bed bugs


Lately we’ve been discussing the benefits of bug removal and how to keep them out of your home. If you’re interested in finding out more about these topics, check out the following online resources. For a solution to your pest problems, contact Rest Assured Pest Control at (410) 317-8510.

  • Many people don’t realize how dangerous bug bites are. The Huffington Post explains the damage bug bites can cause.
  • It’s commonly believed that bed bugs are just an irritant and rarely carry disease. The Washington Post explores a new study that suggests bed bugs spread bacteria resistant to drugs.
  • This article offers tips for proper ventilation—follow suit to save energy and diminish the opportunity for insects to want to invade your home.
  • This helpful guide from About.com explains how to prevent all bugs and pests, in multiple areas of your home.